4 DIY Friendly Plans – How To Build A Welding A Table

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2022

As a welder, hobbyist or not, you’ve probably notice it can be a pain to control what you’re welding … especially if you’ve never used a welding table. My guess is you’ve tried to use your own pressure or propped your welding metal up against something to apply counter pressure?

It’s a milestone that all welders go through, and as you start to do more and more projects, you quickly realize how nice it would be to have a specially made table hold your welding material in place — and the importance of it in a producing a high quality and strong weld.

When building a DIY welding table, there’s a couple questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want to be able to use welding clamps or am I good with just making dogs to hold my materials in place at the joint?
  • What size table do I want?
  • Do I want to be able to move it around / should it have wheels?

DIY Welding Table Blueprint Plans

There have been several differnt welding table plans released across the internet, that result in a variety of tables. We’ll link to them below.

Rolling Welding Table By Phil Vandelay

For this table design, Phil uses 3 pieces of 6 mm plate, that are welded together to create a tabletop surface. This is an interesting technique, and helpful if you do not have a large transport option because it prevents you from needing to hail a large heavy steel plate.

Phil’s plan has 4 caster wheels, one on each leg to enable mobility and relocation of the table. You’ll also notice that Phil’s table is a solid surface top, which means you’ll be a bit more restricted in the clamping locations.

Flat Welding Table By Fireball Tool

The Fireball Tool welding table plans results in an extremely unique, sturdy, and versatile table setup. The downside of this design is that it’s missing casters … so again, if you want mobility, we recommend you add them to your build if you select this design.

What this welding table design loses in mobility, it gains in functionality and flexibility — your imagination is the limit as far as where you can place clamps.

DIY Welding Table By JT Makes It

Another high quality DIY plan — JT Makes It’s design offers substantial flexibility in clamping and locking locations. His table is one of the easier to build yourself, but it produces a sturdy and sound build, which means you shouldn’t be sacrificing safety.

This table design also features casters on the bottom, allowing you to move the table as necessary.

DIY Welding Table By The Metalist

The Metalist considers this their dream welding table — experience driven, and DIY satisfied. This simple design is about more than just clamping flexibility. The Metalist considers other types of tools and their mounting, as well as casters for location flexibility.