How to Guide: Starting a Mobile Welding Business In 2022

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2022

Self-employment is becoming an increasingly appealing alternative as more and more individuals realize that the daily grind of a 9-to-5 job isn’t enough to make ends meet. Establishing one’s own company is often motivated by the desire to free oneself from the shackles of “wage slavery.” In past years, there has been a growth in several sectors. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, welding is expected to rise by 3 percent over the next decade.

The work of a company’s in-house welder may also be outsourced to a freelance welder. Although this may seem counterintuitive, most firms choose to outsource welding rather than hire their own welder. That’s because, even if they don’t do any welding for the week, they still have to pay them.

A welding company and freelancing job allow welders to become their own employers and define their own work norms on the other side. In addition to being your own boss, launching a mobile welding company will provide your clients with convenience, which will greatly influence your earnings.

So, please read the full article as we are going to discuss how to start a mobile welding business. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Why do you want to start a mobile welding company?

Uber, DoorDash, and other temporary contracts that allow you to clock in at the press of a button have led many nine-to-fivers to investigate the possibility of working for themselves instead of “the man.” For example, welders who desire to use their abilities and enjoy the independence of self-employment are included in this category.

But even if these forecasts are lower than they were in 2018, it’s evident that this business is here to stay. A career inside the trades is still as feasible as it has ever been. Offering welding services on the go is a convenient alternative. The requirement for a fab shop is reduced due to the fact that most of the project’s fabrication is done on-site. As a Welder/Fabricator, many workers have gained the self-assurance necessary to pursue this entrepreneurial endeavor after completing an apprenticeship program, either in a shop or on the job.

How To Get Started Owning A Mobile Welding Business?

Individuals and businesses that lack the skills or equipment to execute welding tasks on their own may turn to mobile welding firms for assistance.

You don’t need to build a brick-and-mortar location to start a mobile welding business, making it an attractive small business prospect. Additionally, it might provide a steady flow of income. In order to begin a mobile welding business, you must have the proper certifications and permits, purchase mobile welding equipment and a vehicle, and advertise extensively. The following is a quick description of the stages of beginning a mobile welding company.

1.     Obtaining the Appropriate Credentials and Training

You should enroll in a reputable welding school if you do not already have the required credentials and education (certification and training). The American Welding Society’s school finder will help you if you don’t know of any accredited welding schools in your region.

2.     You need to be certified.

Despite the fact that you may be competent, you may not be certified. Depending on where you reside, you may be required to get a welding license. Your project’s scope is another factor to consider. Repairing exercise equipment does not need an American Welding Society (AWS) accreditation. For just an apartment, steel frame developments are more likely to need a license. The Washington Association of Building Officials, for example, gives certificates to the state of Washington.

If you have worked in a fabrication shop or with a firm in the sector, you might already have credentials from the state or city where you still reside. Find out your region or city’s requirements for a welder to be legally compliant. For the certification exam, you may need to practice.

3.     Purchase the Welding Mobile Equipment.

Welding equipment is the third stage in creating a mobile company. One way to get welding materials is through a retail store. As an alternative, you might acquire tools at auctions. There are a number of items you’ll need to get started with MIG and TIG welding, the most crucial of which is a fume extraction and respirators as well as plasma and air cutters and a welding helmet. Furthermore, you’ll need welding gloves, hoists, welding pads, and surfactants to keep you safe.

4.     Purchase a Trailer and a Truck.

It’s a welding service that travels around. If that’s the case, then you should prepare yourself to be in your car a lot. When it comes to getting to the worksite, you don’t want to cut corners. In certain cases, the reliability of a work vehicle is all that separates one bidder from the next. Of course, it has to be effective for your company as well. A large bed, a tool rack, and, of course, a comfy mattress.

Additionally, you’ll be able to use it as a mobile workplace. Taking phone calls, creating estimates, and having lunch will likely all be done from your car while you are at work. The amount of cargo you plan to transport in the back of your vehicle may need a trailer.

5.     Get Protected with a Policy

We can’t stress this enough. Accidents are bound to happen. In the event of an accident or damage to property, having General Liability insurance on your company’s premises is essential. It’s possible that you’ll need to check into other policies, depending on the breadth of your job. Construction accidents cause approximately 20% of all occupational injuries. Construction-related accidents claim the lives of two persons on average every day. In the case of steel, you’re working with a material that doesn’t care about your own preferences.

6.     Find Potential Clients

Having your company name and phone number plastered on the side of your van may not be enough to attract clients to your mobile welding service. When it comes to finding a job as a welder, you’ll have to look in your neighborhood.

Finding employment as a welder in your region may be accomplished by contacting local firms that are likely to want your services in the near future. Eateries, welding companies, service stations, cooling and heating maintenance people, mobile home dealerships, electricians, shops selling automotive parts, and bowling alleys are some examples of these enterprises. In order to let these companies know about your welding services, write them an introductory letter outlining everything you do.

7.     Promote Your Company

Customers may use magnetic business cards or promotional materials to promote your business by sticking them to their fridges or other metal surfaces. Visitor’s cards made of plastic or other durable materials are often seen for a longer amount of time than a paper-based card. Meet potential clients for your welding services, whether they’re businesses or individuals. You should not only present your firm to potential clients, but you should also supply them with information about the services you provide as well. Creating a website for your welding business might be a good way to get your name out there.

In order to establish a mobile welding company, here are the six most important stages. After you set up and start giving your mobile welding services, you should see some success in your company if you follow these seven steps.

How much do mobile welders earn per hour?

Surely, money is the first thing that comes to your mind when wondering on how to start a mobile welding business. Although prices for mobile welding services might vary widely, an hourly rate of $60 to $125 is not uncommon. Nevertheless, before assuming that all of that money is yours, you must consider the expenses of overhead, supplies, and everything else necessary to keep your company running successfully. Even if your hourly wage is just $25, it’s a good place to start.

So, how can you guarantee that your mobile welding company is a monetary success? To begin, set aside funds for each work session. One of the most common causes of a welding company’s demise is an inadequately written business strategy. Always prioritize your clients’ needs before your own. Also, only purchase welding gear and equipment when you really need them. It’s important to concentrate your efforts on bringing your mobile welding company to life and discovering suitable consumers who would benefit from your services.

Last but not least, you’ll need excellent negotiating abilities in order to get a multi-billion-dollar contract or freelance welding work from a small firm.

Exactly how much would it cost to launch a mobile welding company?

The cost of beginning a mobile welding company is a popular topic among newcomers. Five thousand dollars is the least amount of money you will need to start a mobile welding company. If you want to provide welding services to local residents and companies, you’ll need to invest this amount to get your firm off the ground. In order to get your mobile welding company off the ground, these are the costs you’ll need to pay.

Purchasing a Welding Machine

When starting a mobile welding company, the first and most important expenditure is the purchase of a portable welder. At the absolute least, you should expect to pay $200-300 for a piece of competent portable welding equipment that is connected to a generator.

Welding Tool Prices

It’s also important to factor in the cost of basic welding equipment. Welding helmets, hammers and vise grips are just some of the gear you’ll need to get the job done. All of these tools will cost you around $2,000 in total. The cost of welding tools can go up if you add more tools to your equipment.

Moving Tools and Equipment in a Truck or Pickup

Investing in a van or vehicle to transport your welding equipment and supplies may be the most significant investment you’ll have to pay for your mobile welding company. If you already have a truck or van, consider yourself fortunate.

You may expect to invest at least $20,000 for a van or vehicle that is acceptable for your company.

If you already have a truck or van, beginning a mobile welding company will cost you around $5000, and if you don’t, it will cost you about $25,000. If you want to purchase more welding gear and equipment, your expenditures will increase even higher.

In what ways can you get the word out about your mobile welding company?

In order to receive additional welding jobs, it’s important to accomplish the task you’re given very effectively. For sure, you’ll get more business from other businesses if the owner of a company where you offered welding services is happy with your work. One of the most important things you can do to grow and maintain your customers is to provide the finest possible welding services.

Nevertheless, you’ll need to put in some effort to get the word out about your new firm once it’s up and running. A good approach to get the word out about your welding services is to hand out business cards or fliers at nearby companies and stores.

Use the internet marketing power to create buzz about your new company. Building a website or advertising on Facebook are two examples of ways to increase your business’s visibility online. Customers will be more loyal to a business if it goes above and beyond what it has promised. Customer satisfaction is the bedrock of every successful business, and demonstrating this willingness is essential.

There is always a new set of problems to overcome in mobile welding and field fabrication. Having the correct equipment and tools for the sort of work you want to carry out is essential. A lot of the effort might be difficult, but the rewards are great.

If you want to put your business talents to the test while also honing your welding expertise, this might be a worthwhile endeavor for you. Observe the actions mentioned below. As a result, you’ll be off to a solid start. Remember, nothing beats coming up with your own strategy from scratch. Based on where you are in the process, adjustments will be necessary. Hopefully, now you have a better grasp of this guide on how to start a mobile welding business.