Everlast Welders – Budget Option Welder?

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2022

The everlast welders brand was started in 2004 as a small online retailer focused on generators and welders.

From those humble beginnings, they’ve expanded to be multi-national and have distributors shipping to many countries. Their primary customer is the person focused on welding in their garages as a weekend warrior welder, welding shops, and worksites in both United States and Canada, known especially for their green color.

  • Budget friendly
  • USA Based Company
  • Accessories aren’t the best
  • Off-Share manufacturing

Where Are Everlast Welders Made

They initially started in San Francisco, California, USA welding — so yes they are an American based company. However, they build their products off-shore, and focus on name brand components from companies such as Siemens, Texas Instruments, Intersys, Sharp, etc allowing them to produce a cheaper and more economical unit.

Are Everlast Welders Any Good

They are competitively priced products known for their budget friendlyness without sacrificing quality. One thing to note about some Everlast TIG welders and MIG welders is that they don’t come with a foot pedal in all cases … which if you’re familiar with TIG welding, is a must have accessory.

When buying — expect that you may have to replace the accessories that come with it, however the whip, ground, and torch that they package with are generally middle of the shelf quality. Keep in mind, they are focused on budget buyers.