Hobart Welders – A brand to trust?

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2022

Hobart Welding Products (their official brand name) has been making welding and cutting equipment since 1917. Unlike other brands, they’re well established — and know what works and what doesn’t.

Hobart’s products are designed for production, maintenence, DIY (weekend warrior welders such as myself), farming, auto, etc. Hobart brothers were purchased in 1996 by the parent company of Miller Electric Mgf, LLC.

  • Reputable
  • Long established history
  • Can be expensive depending on what you are buying

Popular Hobart Welding Machines

Hobart Handler 140

(read my full review)

The Hobart Hander 140 is among the top MIG welder  / Flux-cored welders that Hobart makes. It’s an extremely popular choice for hobbyists and professionals, such as auto body workers. The Handler 140 is a tried and true machine that you’ll find discussed all over the internet, why? Because it’s been around forever — and it works.

The 140 is essentially ready to be used the moment you open the box, and includes all the accessories you would hope for: flux core wire spool, MIG gun, and a regulatory with attached gas hose.

It’s flux-core function makes it capable of handling metals such as aluminum all the way up to thicker metals up to 1/4 inch. Hobart really did a nice job with this machine.

Moving on, let’s cover the power output. The 140’s max power output is 140 amps (hence its name), with a duty cycle of 20% at 90 amps … easily satisfying the needs of most weekend warrior welders.  Another positive, and why it’s highly recommended is that it requires a relatively low input voltage of just 115 volts, making it quite flexible.

Voltage settings:

  • up to 1/4 inch steel on highest voltage
  • 24 guage on the lowest setting
  • 15 guage on the second