Best Multi Process Welder – 3 Machines You Need To Consider

Last Updated on Nov 19, 2022

Multi-Process welders are a great addition to your welding kit, particularly if you find yourself doing jobs that require a variety of weld types. The best multi process welders can hand a combination of MIG, TIG, stick welding with ease all in one machine, making it ideal for hobbyists as well.

3 Best Multi Process Welders

When evaluating the multi-process welder market, we considered a couple of key things: price, weight, features. In regards to price, we primarily focused on the dollar amount comparison as well as the feature to price ratio.  For weight, you want something that is heavy enough to be sturdy, but not too heavy where it becomes difficult to transport.

For features, we’re primarily focused on the machines ability to accomodate MIG, TIG, stick welding as well as features that make those things easier such as foot petals, spool guns, and technical features for ease of use. A combination of these three factors is how we produce our stack rank for the best multi process welders that we saw on the market.

Lincoln MIG210 Multi-Process Welder

My favorite pick due to combination of featues and price is the  MIG 210 MP from Lincoln. It’s built with the quality you expect from Lincoln (a top welding brand), with an intuitive layout that allows you to spend less time understanding how to use the machine, and more time welding.

Th MIG210 multi-process welder is effective in a variety of scenarios including most of your standard metals except for TIG welding aluminum (since MP 210 review notes it does not have an AC output). The good news is that this machine also comes with a Magnum PRO 100SG aluminum spool gun designed specifically for aluminum MIG welding. Many of the other welders in this category come with teflon sleeves and rollers, but Lincoln has done a good job with this to make sure there’s no restrictions on the soft wire, in fact it feels like you’re using steel wire, which says something.

It also comes with a three year warranty.

  • Max output – 200 amps
  • 25% duty cycle
  • 14” x 10.75” x 19” dimensions
  • 40 lbs
  • 500 IPM max wire speed
  • 110 and 120 compatible
  • 10′ leads
  • foot pedal included
  • three year warranty
  • Bonus aluminum welding extension
  • Although the machine is straight forward, we’ve read the operating manual can be tough to understand
  • No AC output for TIG aluminum welding

Everlast 211Si Multi Process Welder

As we mentioned above, the Lincoln 210 MP is a bit in a class of it’s own, however the Everlast 211Si is a good option for a more budget concious purchase — plus it includes a 5 year warranty (2 years longer than the Lincoln 210 MP). However, a very obvious downside is that this machine weights 80 lbs, which makes it difficult to transport if you’re a mobile welder on the go.

It has a switch that allows you to flip between 2T and 4T, great for enabling both manual and semi-automatci MIG wire feeding options, and comes with a foot petal just like the 210 Mp. However, if you’re someone who plans to TIG weld aluminum – it’s important to note that this machine does not come with an AC TIG option or an aluminimum spool gun. However, as we started earlier, it’s ideal for the budget concious welder who is willing to sacrifice certain features.

  • 210 amps
  • 35% duty cycle
  • 25” x 19” x 16” footprint
  • 600 IPM max wire speed
  • 110 and 120 support
  • 5 year warranty
  • 2T and 4T technology
  • Foot pedal included
  • 80 lbs (heavy)
  • No spool gun or ac tig support
  • light duty MIG torch

Miller Multimatic220 AC/DC Multi Process Welder

Miller is another one of the main names in welding – high quality, high reputation. The multimatic 220 is feature loaded, offering more than most of the other setups on the market, except an aluminum spool gun. This means you’ll need to spend money on a gun, but also means you can find one that you like the best vs getting a stock one.

This Miller welding machine puts out the most amps in our top 3, with an output of 200 – 230 amps via a 10′ MIG lead. The stick  holding clamp is 13′ on this machine, and it also has a 12.5′ HF start TIG torch accompanies with a foot petal for precise control. Unlike our top 2 options, this can run an AC TIG output that is needed for TIG weld aluminum jobs.

  • Up to 230 amp output
  • 15% duty cycle
  • 21.5” x 17.5” x 11.25” footprint
  • 56 lbs
  • 600 IPM wire feed speed
  • AC & DC TIG welder
  • 3 year warranty
  • Foot pedal
  • 2 Regulators
  • Most expensive of our top 3
  • NO aluminum spool gun