Blue Demon Welding – Wire & Rod Reviews

Last Updated on Apr 17, 2022

Where is Blue Demon Welding From?

The Blue demon welding products company is based out of Geneva, Illinois. They are USA based, and offer a unique guarantee with their welding wire called the “empty spool guarantee”. The purpose of this guarantee is to instill confidence from buyers; all they need to do is return the empty spool and they’ll issue a full refund with certain limitations.

They’ve become known for their quality and cool little free sticker that they try to include with certain purchases when available.

Is Blue Demon Welding Wire Good Quality?

Bleu Demon is manufactured in the USA – the flux core wire is typically random wound on the spool because of the hollow wire fragiity. Solid core gas shielded welding wire is typically precision wound because it can be manipulated a bit easier and is less fragile. The results in a perfect looking wound spool.

Blue Demon welding wire is a great option for hobby welders and “weekend warrior welders” as I like to call myself. It’s priced competitvely. Clean tip, good ground, and clean steel that makes it easy to use. As a hobbyist, you likely won’t be getting your wire from harbor freight brands after using this.

  • Good for lower voltage flux core welders
  • budget friendly
  • Quality can sometimes be inconsistent from one spool to the next