Our Favorite Flux Core Welding Wire – 5 Top Picks

Last Updated on Nov 23, 2022

Welding is one of the rigorous tasks that require specialization and a lot of training. Whether you are a beginner or professional, you will need the right accessories, tools, and training to master the art of welding.

When we talk about the tools and accessories, flux core welding wire is essential for getting a perfect welding job. However, with so many options available, choosing the correct flux core wire is tricky. 

So which is the best flux core welding wire? Is a .035 wire the best flux core wire? How do you choose the best flux core wire? If you are a beginner, you will want to have answers to these questions. We have researched for hours and consulted experts to bring you six of the best flux core welding wires in 2021. This article also includes a buyer’s guide containing the things you need to consider before buying a flux core wire.

What is a flux core welding wire?

A flux core wire is an integral part of flux-cored arc welding. This welding technique employs an automatic arc welding process, which is standard for all welding types. Flux core wires come in two main categories – Gas-shielded and Self-shielded.

  • Self-shielded – These flux core wires don’t require external gas while using.
  • Gas-shielded – These flux core wires require external gas for use.

Flux core wires are the best option if you are working outdoors and with thick metal. However, they are not suitable for indoor usage.

How to pick your flux core welding wire

Like we mentioned earlier, flux core wires are an integral part of welding; you need to consider various things before buying one. First, you have to evaluate your shielding work and choose the suitable flux core wire to perform the task.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider before buying a flux core welding wire.


The area where you will perform welding determines the wire you will need. For instance, the wire required for outer welding works may not suffice for inner jobs. Likewise, flux core wires suitable for welding steel may not be ideal for welding dirt and coatings.

You have to ensure that you choose the correct wire to perform flux core welding stainless steel, making a significant difference if you opt for a different flux core wire. In addition, evaluating your welding area or application can ensure better weld quality.

Diameter range

Your welder determines the wire size, which means it must have the ideal nozzle tip and feed wheel to accommodate the flux core wire. Although you can adjust these settings, your flux core welder amperage will require a specific size to provide the best weld quality.

If your welder’s amperage is low, you will require a smaller wire diameter to perform welding. Likewise, you will need a smaller-sized flux core wire if you have a thinner welding plate. Therefore, it would be best to determine the wire specs, including the diameter, before choosing your flux core welding wire.

Spool size

One thing that you need to consider before buying a flux core wire is its spool size. The welding amount and your welder’s capability determine the reel’s size, which means spool size is a significant part of your welding experience. 

It would be best to buy a reel after evaluating your welder’s specifications. 

Six best flux core wires 2021

Blue Demon E71TGS Flux Core Wire (0.03”, 0.035”, and 0.045”)

If you are looking for a flux core wire that provides a complete suite of performance and quality, the Blue Demon E71TGS is worth considering. This flux core welding wire offers cleaner welds at a significantly low cost. E71TGS is the best flux cored stainless steel welding wire that reduces spatter and fumes to provide quality welds.

The Blue Demon E71TGS welds nicely and comes in different wire sizes to suit multiple welding machines. You can choose between 0.03”, 0.035”, and 0.045” wire sizes according to your requirements. While you can use the 0.035” wire with only higher-amp machines, the 0.03” wire runs well on most welders with a consistent amp range.

Despite providing variation in performance and range, the Blue Demon E71TGS comes at a significantly low price. Additionally, you can use this wire with any plate thickness, making it an ideal flux core wire for welders.

Overall, it is our best overall pick for flux core wires in 2021.


  • It offers different wire sizes, including 0.03”, 0.035”, and 0.045.”
  • Low price
  • Multiple reel weight range
  • You can weld most coatings and steels
  • You can use this flux core wire with any plate thickness
  • It features 70 KSI of tensile strength
  • Low spatter and fume degree


  • You can sometimes experience inconsistency during reel unwinding

Hobart Fabshield E71T-11 (0.03”)

If you are looking for a reliable and quality flux core welding wire, the Hobart Fabshield E71T-11 is worth considering. This flux core wire comes with high tensile strength and allows welders to weld in multiple positions. Although it requires more heat, this flux core wire ensures better penetration and quality than other brands.

We consulted several professional welders about its performance, and everyone had the same answer – it is one of the best flux core wires. Although you can get splatter issues (like flux core welding aluminum wires) while using this flux wire, you can eliminate this problem using higher amperage to ensure better penetration.

Overall, the E71T-1 provides versatility and is one of the best self-shielded flux core welding wires you can get. Additionally, it offers better penetration and reduces spatter to ensure performance and quality.


  • It allows welders to weld in multiple positions
  • You can use it on painted, rusty, or dirty steel
  • Better penetration and low spatter
  • Excellent flux core wire for outdoor jobs
  • ideal for single-pass work


  • Requires more heat
  • Requires higher amperage

INETUB BA71TGS (.030”)

If you are looking for a flux core welding wire for heavy-duty welding jobs, the INETUB BA71TGS is one of the best choices. It is a 2-pound carbon steel gasless wire that provides excellent performance and quality. This wire blends into any construction industry, including automobile and aircraft, and is a top-notch choice for both professionals and beginners.

You can get perfect welds with precision and quality, and it’s one of the most consistent flux wires in the industry. Apart from being flexible, the welds come out without excessive spatter or slag, resulting in smoother welds most of the time.

Since it is a gasless flux-cored wire, you can compare the results with MIG welding. However, the BA71TGS offers smoother, durable, and more effective results without putting a hole in your pocket. Additionally, as it emits zero smoke, you will have a better and cleaner environment to perform your welding work.

Overall, it is one of the best flux core wires for outdoor welding.


  • You can perform both multiple and single-pass welding
  • It does not require any shielding gas
  • Multiple welding positions
  • Durable materials
  • Low slag and spatter
  • Smoother and cleaner welds
  • Easy to remove slag


  • Although you can use this wire for multiple-pass welding, you will get better results with single-pass welding.

LINCOLN Electric NR-211 (0.035”) 035 flux core welding wire

If you are looking for a flux core wire that cools quickly and provides quality welds, the LINCOLN Electric NR-211 flux wire is worth considering. This flux core wire is one of the best and high-quality products that you can get. 

Apart from producing minimal spatter, you can remove slag without breaking a sweat. It provides high-quality welds without accumulating excessive heat. You will get smoother and cleaner results with precision and quality. 

We tested this flux wire on multiple welding jobs, and it fared well in most of our tests. However, the unavailability of various ranges can be a bummer for professionals looking for a versatile package. Additionally, it is not ideal for coated or dirty steel.

Despite its flaws, this flux core wire features excellent build quality and is a must-have for small home jobs. Furthermore, its low price tag makes it an affordable yet reliable flux core welding wire.


  • Low price
  • You can weld steels that are clean or with minimal coatings
  • It features 70 KSI of tensile strength
  • Low spatter
  • Easy to remove slag after welding
  • Reduces heat
  • Cools down quickly
  • Ideal for home jobs


  • Only one size 0.035.”
  • Not ideal for coated or dirty steel

Forney E71T-GS (0.03”)

If you are looking for a self-shielding flux wire, the Forney E71T-GS is one of the best choices. The tensile strength of this wire is 79,000 PSI, and you can weld in multiple positions. Additionally, you can use this flux wire on coated or dirty metals to get smoother and high-quality welds.

We asked our professional team to evaluate this flux wire, and though they had a few hiccups, the wire performed well for most welding jobs. One of the significant issues with this flux wire is the presence of excessive manufacturing coating. However, it does not affect the performance, and you can eliminate this nuisance by installing wire cleaners on your welding machines.

Despite having some issues, you can expect better penetration and welding quality from this flux core wire. It reduces excessive spatter and can weld at higher speeds on single-pass jobs. Additionally, you can remove the slag after welding without breaking a sweat.

Overall, the Forney E71T-GS is one of the best flux core wires that provide excellent performance and quality. 


  • You can weld in multiple positions
  • Reduces excessive spatter
  • Easy to clean slag after welding
  • Welds at high speed on single-pass jobs
  • You can use it weld on coated or dirty metal
  • High tensile strength


  • Excessive manufacturing coating
  • Occasional feeding issues

Blue Demon 308LFC-0 flux core welding stainless steel wire

The Blue Demon 308LFC-0 is a stainless-steel flux wire that ensures that you get quality welds every time. It is a 0.035” solid gasless welding wire that is a must-have for both professionals and beginners. This flux wire will ensure that you get the best quality for different welding projects. 

This flux wire reduces excessive spatter and ensures a smoother and cleaner weld. After testing this flux wire on multiple projects, this flux wire impressed us with its impressive results. However, this wire requires higher power and heat, and you will have to operate it on higher settings. 

Whether you are working on mild or stainless steel, you can weld in any position. Additionally, it emits zero smoke, which makes it healthier and a safer option for welding professionals. 

Overall, we got impressed with its performance, and if you work primarily with stainless steel, the Blue Demon 308LFC-0 is worth considering.


  • Gasless welding – zero smoke
  • Ideal for both primary and heavy-duty welding jobs
  • It supports multiple welding positions
  • It reduces excessive spatter
  • It works well on stainless and mild steel
  • Easy to clean slag after welding
  • High-quality product


  • Expensive
  • Requires more power and heat
  • Occasional inconsistency while welding

As we mentioned earlier, flux core welding wires are an integral part of any welding project, and choosing the right one is crucial to get better results. Whether you are a professional or beginner, selecting an inappropriate flux wire can increase spatter, inconsistency, inferior welds and ruin your project.

We hope this article will help you select the best flux core welding wire to suit your project. However, if you still have doubts and are unable to decide your pick, you can choose the Blue Demon E71TGS Flux Core Wire (0.03”, 0.035”, and 0.045”) as it provides multiple ranges, lower price tag, and quality results.