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Blue Demon Welding – Wire & Rod Reviews

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Where is Blue Demon Welding From?

The Blue demon welding products company is based out of Geneva, Illinois. They are USA based, and offer a unique guarantee with their welding wire called the “empty spool guarantee”. The purpose of this guarantee is to instill confidence from buyers; all they need to do is return the empty spool and they’ll issue a full refund with certain limitations.

They’ve become known for their quality and cool little free sticker that they try to include with certain purchases when available.

Is Blue Demon Welding Wire Good Quality?

Bleu Demon is manufactured in the USA – the flux core wire is typically random wound on the spool because of the hollow wire fragiity. Solid core gas shielded welding wire is typically precision wound because it can be manipulated a bit easier and is less fragile. The results in a perfect looking wound spool.

Blue Demon welding wire is a great option for hobby welders and “weekend warrior welders” as I like to call myself. It’s priced competitvely. Clean tip, good ground, and clean steel that makes it easy to use. As a hobbyist, you likely won’t be getting your wire from harbor freight brands after using this.

  • Good for lower voltage flux core welders
  • budget friendly
  • Quality can sometimes be inconsistent from one spool to the next


Primeweld Tig225x Review – 40% Duty Cycle

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In this Primeweld Tig225x review we’re going to show you why it’s one of the best TIG welder options for the budget concious welder — it’s priced at under $1000 USD. It’s quite a flexible machine with easy to use knobs, but it does have some not-so-great things to be mindful of.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that the Primeweld Tig225x has a flexible amperage output, going as high as 225 amps, which is plenty for thick metal TIG welds.

Although that’s great, we do want to make you aware that the foot pedal that comes stock with the machine is not something to celebrate. It gets the job done, and if that is all that matters to you, great! But if you are used to a higher quality foot pedal, you may want to replace it.

The Primeweld Tig225x also features flexible pulsing capabilities for your arc. Not everyone uses pulsing, but it’s a nice feature to have. Other things to note – the 225x is a DV machine, the cord is comparable to that of a 12 gauge heavy duty extension cord.

What is the duty rating?

  • For 120 volt duty cycle
    • TIG 40% at 140, 100% at 108
    • MMA 40% at 120 and 100% at 76
  • For 240 volt duty cycle
    • TIG 40% at 225, 100% at 155
    • MMA 40% at 180, 100% at 139

Is the AC Waveform Square or Sine?

It is square ac waveform

This machine is ideal for the DIY’er / Weekend Warrior Welder / Hobbyist. If you’re just wanting to learn a new skill, it’s a great option.

Primeweld Tig225x Video Review

  • Good variety of functional capabilities
  • Pulse arc functionality
  • Supports AC / DC
  • Foot pedal is included
  • Foot pedal is ok as a stock all inclusive accessory

  • 12 gauge cord

Campbell Hausfeld 115V Arc/Stick Welder (WS099001AV)

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In this Campbell Hausfeld 115v review – I’m going to keep it short and sweet. This is an affordable stick welder that does the job without breaking the bank.

Campbell Hausfeld designed the WS099001AV to primarily be used in both home and worksite applications, with portability in mind. It weighs 24 lbs which makes it relatively light against it competitor set — again for portability sake.

Campbell Hausfeld 115V Arc/Stick Welder (WS099001AV)

  • Can weld 18 guage – 1/8 inch metal
  • 115 v power
  • Duty cycle: 20% at 50 amps
  • 5 foot ground cable
  • dual heat setting
  • thermal overload protector
  • A lesser known brand

  • 1 year warranty, a little shorter than competitors

Campbell Hausfeld 115V Arc/Stick Welder Video Review

Titanium 200 Welder Review – Is it junk?

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Let’s get right into it with this Titanium 200 welder review — you’ve probably seen this welder for sale at Harbor Freight and thought “is it junk”? We’re going to dig into that question throughout this review, particularly because most items at Harbor Freight can be known to have shorter lifespans.

The Titanium 200 is a multi-process welder – meaning it can do MIG, TIG, Stick, and Flux-core welding techniques all within one machine. If you’re someone who does a variety of jobs and works with a variety of metals such as aluminum and stainless steel or sheet metal vs thick metal, consider this to be an “all in one” machine.

With that said, this machine weights only 24 lbs, which is extremely light. Generally speaking multi-process welders will run anywhere from 40 – 80 lbs. The voltage input is 120 v and 140 v which means you have flexibility on where you can use this.

  • Multi-process welder capability provides flexibility
  • Although it’s sold at Harbor Freight, indications are that it seems to be quality
  • Dual voltage input
  • Inductance control setting capability
  • Very light
  • No foot pedal attachment for TIG welding

Titanium Unlimited 200 Video Review

Are the components well built?

Power Supply

titanium 200 welder review

Power supply is an important part of any welder, because it will dictate the consistency of the power and thus impact the consistency and variability of the weld. The Titanium 200 welder works with AC power, and has a built-in inverter to convert to DC power utilizing a rectifier.

It supports dual voltage, which enables flexibility and adaptability. Generally speaking, you’ll find 120 volt plugs commonly at homes and businesses – this means your machine is very likely to work just about anywhere you can carry it.

Inductance Control

Inductance control is what is used to control a single arc cycle. The higher the inductance level, the higher longer a single cycle is. A lower inductance level increases the frequency of the arc cycle which can be helpful in cases where narrow beads are required, such as sheet metal jobs.

Sometimes multi-process welders come with a fixed inductance control, which means you’re stuck with whatever the manufacturer determines. However, as covered at the time of this Titanium 200 welder review, it includes a variable control that allows you to determine your preferred setting on an as needed basis.